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Impresstik's Contract Labelling Division (Impresstik Hi-Dec
Pty Ltd) has helped take the pressure off many of Australia's Consumer Goods Manufacturers by offering a cost-effective, quick-response labelling service for all types of containers
and tubes.

Whether you have a special promotion, whether you need to overlabel incorrect information or whether you have a container which may be particularly difficult to label, Impresstik's Contract Labelling Division will be available to assist you. You may just be starting out and wish to test your market before investing in pressure sensitive labelling equipment. Whatever your specific labelling needs are, Impresstik can help. To provide the ultimate in label solutions service, Impresstik can produce its labels to enable the whole process to be carried out in house.

Impresstik Hi-Dec Pty Ltd is equipped with a full range of Impresstik self-adhesive label applicators which perform the different applications in container decoration and customised label application.

Impresstik's proven know how in Contract Labelling and its innovation in machinery applications makes it an experienced and effective partner to customers in the packaging industry.

Cost-effective label application (e.g. promotion labels), on flat products such as unerected cartons. Automatic destacking and stacking facilities available.


Fully wrap around label or multiple labels supplied from one web to cylindrical and tapered products. Swivel top conveyor to label flat products.

Fully wrap around label onto plastic and metal tubes in different sizes. Facilities of flaming plastic tubes to prepare contaminated surface for label application.

Fully wrap around label or multiple front and back labels off a single web to cylindrical products. Spot labelling facilities.


Front and back labels onto elliptical, round, tapered, flat or three panelled products.

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